‘Wake-Me-Up’ Suds

It turns out you can make soap from darn near anything. Of course, you need the basic ingredients; fat, liquid and lye, but the combinations of those elements are nearly endless when you start looking at the possibilities. That being the case, today I made soap out of coffee. Actually, it was yesterday that I made… Continue reading ‘Wake-Me-Up’ Suds

Summertime Fun

Symsie Suds – good for your body So, it turns out I make soap now. Not only do I make soap, I make THE most amazing soap I’ve ever used. It’s creamy and luscious and has the most amazing suds. Best of all, unlike commercial soap-makers, I leave the glycerin in the bar for extra moisturizing properties!… Continue reading Summertime Fun

HandMade Soap is Amazing!

Soap! Beautiful, Luscious Soap! Have you ever read the ingredients on a bar of commercially manufactured soap? I have, and it’s a frightening thing. Isn’t that normal? You either had oily skin or you had dry skin, and you had to suffer the consequences of your lot in life.It wasn’t until spring of 2015 that I gave… Continue reading HandMade Soap is Amazing!