Summertime Fun

Symsie Suds – good for your body So, it turns out I make soap now. Not only do I make soap, I make THE most amazing soap I’ve ever used. It’s creamy and luscious and has the most amazing suds. Best of all, unlike commercial soap-makers, I leave the glycerin in the bar for extra moisturizing properties!… Continue reading Summertime Fun

Springtime in Nanaimo

Springtime in Nanaimo is a beautiful thing! If you’ve been following the journey, you know the job that was going to be so perfect for me turned into a bust. It was not at all what I was looking for. If you haven’t been following the journey, head on back and get yourself caught up!… Continue reading Springtime in Nanaimo

Happy Canada Day!

Life is good, and I am so happy to be living on Vancouver Island. I’m awed by the natural beauty I see out my front window! Even the sky is familiar and makes me feel at home. I love most knowing that there are places to escape the hustle of everyday living just minutes away… Continue reading Happy Canada Day!