Terms & Conditions

I know there’s supposed to be a bunch of gobbledy-gook legal mumbo-jumbo here, and if I had an attorney she would likely tell me to revise my terms, but it is what is is, and I am what I am.

That being said, here are our terms and conditions:

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Suds Up!
  1. Symsie Suds makes a quality product that has been very beneficial for my skin, and for the skin of others. My hope is that it will also be beneficial for your skin, but with all skin types being different, and the health standards laws, I could never claim such a thing as fact.
  2. Symsie Suds uses a variety of essential oils for scent and other benefits. Please read the ingredient labels and descriptions to ensure you will not suffer any adverse reactions.
  3. Though they are personally hygienic in nature, Symsie Suds products will be returnable based on certain usability conditions. In other words, if you use the whole bar of soap or jar of balm and bring back a teeny-tiny sliver claiming you hated it and it made you break out in hives, we probably won’t be able to make you happy.
  4. If you break out in hives or any type of rash, stop using the product immediately and contact us.
  5. If you hate the product, stop using it immediately and contact us. Although we can’t sell them, returned products can still be sterilized and used for display at Farmer’s Markets and Craft Markets.
  6. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs